Airethalya means "air eternal"
Eternal breath, And in that, life.
Live Life, breathe with me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We'll miss you Steve Irwin!

I'm sure that most of you have heard that
Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was killed

...But I doubt all of you have seen the cat
who clearly loved Mr. "Crikey" Irwin.

(Thanks to for the animal planet link
and also these photos! I love how "on top of it" you are!)

*mmm-arghhh-glurp-munch* "I just love Steve Irwin sooo much...
He tastes sooo goood!" is another site (like this one!) that you should look at often. The animals there are guaranteed to inspire an "awwww_omgosh_awwww!"

Goodbye, Steve!


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