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Eternal breath, And in that, life.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In honor of the new season of House

So what am I doing tonight at 8:00? Duh! Its totally Housetime!
For those of you who don't know, House is the best doctor show (besides Grey's Anatomy--but that's completely different). Dr. House manages to solve these really kewl mysterious /complex cases while being sarcastic--brilliant! Okay, so its the best sarcastic doctor show.

House. Tonight. On Fox. At 8:00. Watch it!

To get ready for the new season, brush-up on your Houseisms.
A few of my favorites (but i love them all!):

From the Episode "Control"
Wilson : "She was uncomfortable doing any more tests. I had to convince her just to do that one."
House: "You get that often? Women who'd rather die than get naked with you?"

From the Episode "DNR"
Foreman: "You assaulted that man!"
House: "Fine. I'll never do it again."
Foreman: "Yes you will."
House: "All the more reason this debate is pointless."

From the Episode "Maternity"
House: "Don't worry. Many women learn to live with this parasite. My own mother, for example. Forty-five years and she only complains about it now from time to time."

From the Episode "Damned If You Do"
House: "Candy canes? Are you trying to mock me?"


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