Airethalya means "air eternal"
Eternal breath, And in that, life.
Live Life, breathe with me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yay for people who participate with my blog!

My bro sent me this...

Lol. Yeah I don't get it either. But isn't it awesome!?!?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hallmarks of Felinity

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lots of Links

Today's post theme... Drum Roll Please!
**duhdaduh duhdaduh duhdaduh duhdaduh...**

Things To Play With!

We've got a kaleidoscope.
This rabbit thinks that your cursor is a carrot.
Share your sketches with strangers,
and get sketches in return!
Do you like Jackson Pollock? Splat away here.
Send an email... to your Future Me!
Feeling comedic? Try creating a comic strip.
Have something to say to your
dysfunctional family? Write a letter.
Flash games + cows
a capella, of sorts.
Can you tell who is the serial killer?
dirty minds quiz
The George W. Bush Speechwriter.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Secretly Sharing Secrets

How my desktop behaves...

I just don't know what do to anymore, this is becoming a problem.
*sigh* Well, you take a look...
How am I supposed to work like this?!

Bored at Home

I wish I was creative when I was bored at home.

Like this guy...

He gets more creatively bored at home here. Check it out, it's kewl : )

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Factory of Sorts

Stick-figures in a Blue Ball Machine.

To enjoy, stare at this...

For the musical edition:
(The music is silly and really adds to the factory effect!)

Na na na na, he's BoOowman!

If you've ever wanted to shoot a stick-figure with a bow & arrow, this is the site for you.
And if you haven't, you'd be surprised how silly-fun it is!

Triptopan, Trip to The BVI's...

I am drooling over these photos! Scuba Photography is way kewl.

If all goes as planned, Spring Break will be another trip to the British Virgin Islands... by far my favorite vacation! We're planning to spend the week on a catamaran. If you ever get to the BVIs, be sure to find Sydney's Peace and Love Bar in Little Harbor, on Jost Van Dyke ...and go there around noon for a rum--which should consumed while standing in 3 feet of water!

This is the crack

In a salute to my sister and her boyfriend who leave for Ireland tomorrow (Sooo Jealous!), a very kewl Guinness commercial.

You had better drink a pint for me!

The Kewl Commercial

(Or click at my attempt to post the video here,
the strange white box at the beginning of this post.)

Also, now would be a good time to post that comment of yours
about how to put videos in here, I'd appreciate it. ;p

(I'll learn soon, I promise!)

Evolution of the Alphabet

I like words. Words are made of letters. Therefore I like letters also.

Learn a little about the alphabet, as it evolves...

Album Art

My friend Brian asked me about Panic! at the disco but I couldn't think of anything I knew about them. So, I thought I'd find their CD cover using, where you can look up just about any band and find their CD covers. Try it! Just type in the most random band you can think of :)

(Okay, truthfully, the first thing I did was Google them...)

Their site: Panic! At the Disco
And for a listen: hear them on purevolume

Agony of a Marionette

When first by chance I saw this image, I thought
"Wow, look at that tree."

On second glance, "Ooh! ...the marionette."

It is so very weirdly-wonderfully weird.

Agony of a Marionette by Petr Stepanek
(a user of a kewl art site:

Ads of the world

I <3 Lion Camp!
The rest of the AdsOfTheWorld is kewl too.

The Thing About Good Movies

The thing about good movies is that when you log on and search for their site you can easily be let down by its generic, flashy website.

But not this one!

Good movie + interesting website = Donnie Darko

God is a DJ

Well, not God... But this is still kewl.

For the bored, in-between time

Hmm. This was not as easy as I thought it was. And then, suddenly it was. Okay. Okay. "And then" is really more like "An Hour Later..."

Try your hand at an old cowboy sort of game:

Mighty Yaar.